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Efficiency in reporting is important for any organization to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it is Financial or Operational reporting and analysis that involves the preparation of different kind of reports and the analysis of the data and monitoring key metrics that drive the health and performance of a company. Invirtual provides cutting-edge reporting services.

“If your organization is looking for expert reporting and financial analysts, outsource to Invirtual ReportingTeamwho can embed a resource within your organisation and take over the existing process - seamlessly transition to an automated Business Intelligence or Hybrid Platform custom built to your organisations requirements”

Why outsource Reporting & Analytical Services?

Invirtual have technological and process maturity to be able to provide highly scalable and cost effective outsourced Reportingsolutions. Outsourced reporting services will assist in cutting labour & IT infrastructure investment costs and provides you the flexibility to focus on core business activity.

The business case for outsourcing reporting and analytics is stronger than ever. Reporting has been extremely important for organisations to monitor and track their health and operational efficiency in the past, and with the advent of growing data, it has never been more critical to have a strong reporting base that involves the collection, analysis, summarization and presentation of the key metrics that drive and monitor the health of a business.The advance in Business Intelligence technology has made it more affordable for smaller players to gain a competitive advantage of using this to make informed key decisions based on facts as opposed to intuition and historical reporting alone.

Outsourcing Reporting & Analytical services benefits

  • Cost reallocation:

    Reallocate the cost spent on expensive reporting/ analytics software/ dedicated reporting team, and re-allocate valuable resources towards core business activity.
  • Time Saving:

    Save on the time involved in ongoing repeatable reporting and analyzing activity – allowing you to leverage data visualisation and share actionable insights
  • Speed and Flexibility:

    There is no need to invest additional time on developing new Product / Service reporting development and analytics.
  • Reduce Margin for Error:

    Accurate and error free analysis of data with best Technical Staff
  • Improved FACT-BASED Decision Making ability:

    Customised reporting and analytics provides critical insights to assist in Improved and efficient decision making








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